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WiFi socket adapters - Smart Home without gateway or hub

brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi sockets for a smart home without a Smart Home central

brennenstuhl®Connect is the new product line in the smart home program of brennenstuhl® with intelligent, network-compatible WiFi sockets. Such an intelligent socket is also known as a Smart Plug or WLAN plug. They are suitable as adapters for the usual power socket and their technology gives it intelligence - or rather the devices that are connected.

The special thing about brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi sockets is that they function as a Smart Home without an additional hub or gateway. The normal WLAN router and the free brennenstuhl®Connect App are sufficient to operate the WiFi sockets. Thus, the smart adapters effectively support you in energy management, enable automatic, time-controlled switching of your connected electrical appliances and optimize power consumption.

The brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi adapters can be set up and configured quickly and easily with the free brennenstuhl®Connect App. The coupling or setup of a smart home control center such as a hub or gateway is not necessary. Afterwards you can also operate the sockets by voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. More about setting up the voice control can be found on the brennenstuhl® Blog.

The features of brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi sockets

The features of the brennenstuhl®Connect WiFi plug

The WiFi socket adapters in the Smart Home range from brennenstuhl®.