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Cable Reels


Cable reels are suitable for use in households, in workshops, in your garden or on building sites. Whatever the intended use, brennenstuhl® offers you the best possible cable reel for leisure and work. Sensible extras such as the Cablepilot, the ROL’UP automatic roll-up system and the Bretec® rotary contact comfort for cable reels facilitate your work.

Our building-site cable reels are specially certified for the requirements and use on building sites and offer clever special equipment.

What must your cable reel have? Use the filter options so that we can show you suitable cable reels according to your requirements.


Cable reels for indoors

The field of application aims at household use and/or closed, dry rooms. By means of the Schuko sockets, you can supply several devices with power.

Cable boxes and standard cable reels

A cable box distinguishes itself by its compact design and its comfortable handling.domestic cable reels
The cable is winded up inside the reel body and thus completely disappears in the box. The cable length varies between 3 and 10 meters. Protection type IP20 (covered) may only be used indoors.
Apart from that, there are more standard cable reels with sheet steel or plastic body for indoors.

Cable reels for outdoors

Suitable are all cable reels with sheet steel or plastic and protection type IP44 cable reel for site construction(foreign body- and splash water-protected). Supply several devices with power at the same time thanks to the  plug system.
A residual current device, also referred to as safety switch, provides protection against dangerous electrical accidents.
The length of the cable reel, 25m, 40m and 50m, depends on the intended purpose. In this segment, brennenstuhl® only offers products made in Germany. Cable reels for outdoors can also be used indoors.

Which cable reel on the construction site or for commercial use?

For the requirements and the rough conditions on the construction site, we have especially certified cable reels satisfying the requirements according to BGI608 and VDE 0100 part 704. The plastic cable reels with protection type IP44 have been designed for permanent outdoor use.

Cable reels for the garden

A garden cable reel differs from a normal cable reel in that it only has one connector instead of a socket insert and a coupling at the other end.
Using this coupling, you can, for example, supply the lawnmower or the electric hedge trimmer with power.
Learn more about this topic: Why a garden cable reel?

Which cable reel for camping have at the campsite?

Camping reel When it comes to the camping power supply, there are some requirements for the connection cable that is to ensure the power supply between the power station at the campsite and the motorhome/caravan. All requirements are met by brennenstuhl® camping cable reels.

What is the maximum cable length for my camping cable reel?

The maximum length of 25 m cable (+/-2 m) for connecting the caravan must not be exceeded. Furthermore, the conductor cross-section of the power cable for the connection of the caravan or motorhome must be at least 2.5mm² with a rated current of 16A. In addition, the camping cable drum must be dust and splash-proof (protection class IP44) and have a robust rubber cable H07RN-F (or equivalent). The robust, oil-resistant RN cable on brennenstuhl® camping cable reels is in the signal colour orange to increase awareness of potential tripping hazards caused by the cable lying around.

Camping cable drum with CEE plug

Camping cable reels are generally equipped with a CEE plug to ensure the power supply between the power station on the campsite and the motorhome/caravan. Depending on the purpose, camping cable reels are available with CEE sockets only or combined with CEE sockets and earthing contact sockets. With cable reels, the cable should always be completely unwound when in use.

Everything you need to know about Power Supply during camping can be found in our article.


Why do you have to unroll a cable reel?

It is not recommended to use a cable reel with rolled up cable. In case of excessive load, the core of the cable reel will get extremely hot. For this reason, an installed overheating protection is required, which will trigger before the cable insulation starts to melt.
Get detailed information on this topic here.

Useful extras for brennenstuhl® cable reels

  • Cablepilot
    Reciprocating handle allows free hands when transporting, practical suspension and super fast reeling and unreeling.
  • Automatic roll-up system ROL’UP
    Convenient reeling by pulling briefly instead of long cranking.
  • Bretec® rotary contact comfort
    Using this rotary contact technique, the cable reel turns without the socket insert turning with it.
  • Plug storage
    When the cable reel is not in use, the connector can simply be stored in the two small holes in the reciprocating handle.
  • Reel brake
    At the reel body, there is also a cable holder for fixing the cable during transport.
  • Reel step
    The fixing aid for your cable reel during reeling.
    Put the foot onto the reel step and use your knee to fix the handle in place. Allows for smooth reeling of the cable.

Key to cable quality

cable quality

H - Harmonised cable
A - Other nationally cable

Nominale Voltage (Volt)
03 - 300 / 300 V
05 - 300 / 500 V
07 - 450 / 750 V

Isolating Sheath
V3 - PVC, cold-resistant to -35°C
R - Natural or synthetic rubber
S - Silicone rubber
B - Synthetic rubber

Outher Sheath
V3 - PVC cold-resistant to -35°C
R - Natural or synthetic rubber
N - Neoprene 
J - Glass fibre
T - Textile
Q - Polyurethane

Cable Type
U - Round, single-wire cable
R - Round, multi-wire cable
K - Fine wire for permanent installation
F - Fine wire for moveable cables
H - Extremely fine wire for moveable cables
Y - Tinsel wire

Number of Wires

Protected cables
G - With green-yellow wire
X - Without green-yellow wire

Diameter of Cable Core
in mm²

Special shapes/cable name extensions
AT - Country-specific standard for Austria
K35 - Cold-resistant to -35 °C



The right cable for every use


Kabelqualitäten Kabelqualitäten

For long-term outside use.
Withstands high mechanical loads and resists abrasion. Resistant to weather, microbes and acid. Cold-resistant to -40 °C. Polyurethane outer sleeve.


Kabelqualitäten Kabelqualitäten

For long-term outside use.
Resistant against oils and acids. Inner wire coating made of natural or synthetic rubber. Outer cable casing made of neoprene.


Kabelqualitäten Kabelqualitäten

N07: For outside use.
N05: For temporary outside use.

Oil resistant. High mechanical loading capacity. Anti-freezing, remains highly flexible down to -35°C. Outer cable casing made of highly flexible special plastic.


Standard version for normal use in dry conditions and for temporary outside use.
Inner wire coating and outer cable casing made of synthetic rubber. For temporary outside use.



Standard version for normal use in dry conditions.
With insulated inner wire coating and outher cable casing made of flexible PVC.


You are looking for empty reels or hose reels for your network cable, pasture fences, ropes, and the like? Then this is the right place for you.