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Group of Companies

The brennenstuh®-Group is there for you, anywhere in the world

We make bestseller in the world of technology

The first chapters of the brennenstuhl® group’s success story were written in 1958. Since then we have grown steadily to become a global leader in the fields of electric and electronic technology. Our success is based on a never ebbing stream of new ideas. They take shape in innovative products that we develop in close cooperation with our customers. Numerous national and international patents protect those innovations and are proof of our company's comptetitive edge. Decades of experience together with our high standards guarantee the outstanding quality of brennenstuhl® products.

Our success in numbers: more than 100 million brennenstuhl® products are in use worldwide. More than 30.000 distributors – among them the world's biggest retailers and hardware stores – sell our products to customers in well over 100 countries.

Always striving for 100 % customer satisfaction, we offer unparalleled services to our partners. Our customers can always count on professional support from our sales managers. Part of our service is that we boost our customers’ sales by providing them with customised promotion tools and advertisement.


The locations of the brennenstuhl® group:

  • Germany
    Headquarter Factory I Tübingen

    brennenstuhl® Tübingen Werk I
  • Germany
    Factory II Tübingen

    brennenstuhl® Tübingen Werk II
  • Germany
    Factory III Tübingen

    brennenstuhl® Tübingen Werk III
  • France
    H. Brennenstuhl S.A.S.

    brennenstuhl® Brumath, Frankreich
  • Switzerland
    Lectra Technik AG

    Lectra Technik AG Schweiz
  • Austria
    Lectra Technik GesmbH

    Lectra Technik GesmbH Österreich


The brennenstuhl® group is also represented in the following countries, with localised service

  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Great Britain
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Luxembourg