Gartenarbeit leicht gemacht – mit der richtigen Gartenkabeltrommel

Gardening made easy – with the right garden cable reel

Whether it’s an electric lawnmower or electric hedge clippers – almost every electric garden appliance requires the right extension cable to operate. But which extension cable or which cable reel is suitable for the garden? We’ll show you how to find the perfect garden cable reel or the right garden extension cable and how to master your gardening without frustration. Spring is closing in, the temperatures are slowly rising – time to get ready for the gardening season. To really enjoy barbecue evening in summer, as every year, the garden must be brought to good order. The perfect garden has …

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Steckergarage eingesteckt Sarah_2

Choosing the right cable reel: of splash guards and plug storage

Today, our guest author Sarah Halbeisen, a DIY blogger from Austria who likes crafting in her spare time, reports on why she loves our plug storage so much and what is important to her when buying a cable reel. You don’t know what a plug storage is either? Then for you it is like how it was for Sarah before she used one of our Garant cable reels… “There are things in life that you buy only once.” My dad taught me that at an early age. “If you decide wisely in this regard and look after the products, you …

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Kunststoff Kabeltrommel Trockenbau

Cable reels with protection type and cable quality

Do you know the difference between protection type IP44 for short-term and continuous use outdoors? Confusion often arises when purchasing a cable reel. On one cable reel, protection type IP44 for short-term use outdoors is indicated and then one sees exactly the same cable reel and also reads protection type IP44, but for continuous use outdoors. Both cable reels have a plastic body on a zinc-coated supporting frame, with 3 Schuko sockets, which are splash-proof and have self-closing covers. Additionally, both cable reels have a black, 40m-long cable. Visually, they are still exactly the same cable reel. What’s that all …

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